Dec 89 Woman of the Eighties | Feb 87 Amanda Donohoe by Mark Lewis | May 84 Marilyn & Joan Rivers by Johnny Rozsa | Feb 85 Anne Pigalle by Richard Croft

BLITZ magazine was a monthly media, fashion & pop culture magazine, founded in 1980 by university students Carey Labovitch and Simon Tesler. It was one of a trio of British "style" magazines which established a broad following internationally as well as in the UK, paving the way for the lads magazines of the early 1990s. It closed in 1991.

Among the many talented writers, photographers and stylists who contributed over the years were Iain R Webb, Nick Knight, Paul Morley, Fiona Russell Powell, Russell Young, Ian Parker, Susannah Frankel, Simon Garfield, Paul Mathur, Jim Shelley, Jonh Wilde, Richard Croft, Mark Cordery, Johnny Black, Mike Owen, Angie Errigo and Kim Bowen.

Mar 88 Sarah Stockbridge by Russell Young | Jun 84 David Sylvian | Apr 86 "Fresh" by Carl Bengtsson | Jun 87 Simon Lebon by Russell Young
Nov 88 Tom Waits by Gino Sprio | Aug 90 Willem Dafoe by Richard Dean | Apr 90 Jack Nicholson | Feb 90 Steve McQueen